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How important is social status amongst class-mates for teenage health and well-being?

Oct 24, 2014
Social status amongst class-mates may be more important than family’s status in society for teenage health and well-being, but being at the top of the pecking order isn’t always linked to good health.

Health in Pregnancy

Oct 20, 2014
Work is underway on an 18 month project, funded by NIHR Public Health Research Board, to evaluate the Health in Pregnancy Grant in Scotland.

Mind the Gap: Reducing Inequalities in Health and Health Care

Oct 9, 2014
Population health professionals, researchers and other stakeholders from all over Europe come together in Glasgow to discuss how health inequalities in Europe effectively can be reduced.

Welcome to the website of the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow.

Our aim is to promote human health via the study of social and environmental influences on health.  

Our more specific objectives include:

  • studying how people's social positions, and their social and physical environments, influence their physical and mental health and capacity to lead healthy lives,
  • designing and evaluating interventions aiming to improve public health and reduce social inequalities in health, and
  • influencing policy and practice by communicating the results and implications of research to a wide range of audiences.

The Unit receives core funding from the UK Medical Research Council and the Chief Scientist Office at the Scottish Government Health Directorates. It is a University Unit within the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow and is part of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing.

The Unit’s research is divided into nine programmes. There is considerable overlap and joint working between these programmes, and many projects (and especially studentship projects), may straddle across two or more programmes.

If you are taking part in one of our studies and would like further information, please click here and select the study from the menu or email us at survadmin@sphsu.mrc.ac.uk or  contact us on our FREEPHONE number 0800 389 2129.

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