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Prison Health Symposium

The MRC/CSO SPHSU are hosting a symposium considering the methodological and ethical dimensions of conducting health focused social science research through and beyond prison settings.

The symposium will take place on May 18th and 19th - at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow and HMP Barlinnie, Glasgow.

There will be 20 exciting papers from a wide range of researchers, practitioners and those directly involved in the prison system at varying career stages and focusing on prison research in diverse number of counties. This symposium will be held on May 18th (at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit) and 19th (at HMP Barlinnie) 2016, in Glasgow.

Please click on the link below to view the agenda:


Please get in touch with Matthew Maycock if you have any questions about the symposium: matthew.maycock@glasgow.ac.uk.

The symposium will be using the hashtag #prisonhealthsymposium.


Presenter Title
Laura Abbott The Incarcerated Pregnancy: what is the experience of being pregnant in prison?
Geraldine Brown “Small roots have grown into big things”: Reflecting on how interventions can contribute to improving outcomes for offenders.
Lynne Callaghan Identifying challenges and enablers to intervention retention and research follow up for participants following release from prison
James Fraser “Male ex-prisoners experiences of health and healthcare in prison and in the community”
Gill Green Methodological Issues Related to Conducting Evaluations of Interventions Aimed to Enhance Healthcare of Offenders in Essex
Piotr Łapiński  Rehabilitation in shorts
Ryan Laurence Love When time is limited: The challenges of undertaking academic research in prison for a student project
Craig Mailer HM Prison Perth & Kilmarnock
Rosie Meek Considering some of the methodological dimensions of prison health research
Amanda Perry A real life example of intervention retention and follow up in the community: problem solving for self-harm in prisons
Laura Serrant Investigating silences: A framework for addressing methodological and ethical issues in offender health
James Taylor Conducting research in a prison environment: Gatekeeper relationships and addressing the Insider/Outsider dichotomy