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Staff Member Biography

Elisabeth Fenwick

position: Senior Lecturer in Health Economics

Contact Details

phone: 0141 330 4039


MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit,
University of Glasgow,
Top floor,
200, Renfield Street
G2 3QB

Biography and Interests

Elisabeth Fenwick joined the unit in 2006 as a joint appoitment with Health Policy at the University of Glasgow. A health economist, her role is to provide economic evaluation input into a variety of projects within the unit. Liz has an M.Sc. and PhD in Health Economics from the University of York and an M.Sc. in Operations Research from the University of Southampton. During 2002/03 she spent a year as a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Evaluation of Medicines (CEM), at McMaster University, Canada.

Her research interests centre around the application of decision analytic modelling to economic evaluation, probabilistic decision analytic modelling, Bayesian decision theory and value of information analysis. Her thesis presented an iterative framework for the efficient management of the HTA process incorporating probabilistic decision analytic modelling, value of information analysis and Bayesian updating. Her current research includes expanding this framework to incorporate and assess the value of implementation strategies.

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