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Gerry McCartney

Gerry McCartneyposition: Head of the Public Health Observatory Division, NHS Health Scotland and Public Health Consultant

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phone: 0141 414 2750


Biography and Interests

Gerry McCartney qualified at Glasgow in 2001 (MBChB) before undertaking training to become a GP in Paisley (DRCOG 2004, MRCGP 2005). In 2005 he started as a public health trainee first with NHS Argyll and Clyde and subsequently with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (MPH 2006, MFPH 2007). Gerry completed a part-time honours degree in Economics and Development during this time with the London School of Economics and the University of London external programme (BSc(Hons) 2007). 

As part of his public health training Gerry has worked in health protection, health service planning and health improvement. This has included work on obesity prevention, the planning of clinical services for children and outbreak management. His research to date has included a series of articles looking at the potential health impact of actions to counter rising energy prices and climate change, a model of the effect on mortality of changes to the breast cancer screening programme, an evaluation of the impact of a new nursing service for looked-after children and an evaluation of the awareness and acceptibility of the introduction of the electronic care summary. 
He is currently registered for a higher research degree on the topic of, "Maximising the positive health impacts on the host population of the 2014 Commonwealth Games" . This involves conducting a systematic review into the health impacts of major sporting events on the host population and participation in a Health Impact Assessment of the successful bid in Glasgow.
He took up a consultant post at NHS Health Scotland in 2010 as the head of the Public Health Observatory Division. 



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